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When God Speaks to You.

Most believers would love to hear God speak to them with an audible verse. But that is not how God usually speaks to His people. When God speaks it is much more subtle and very easy to miss. It takes faith, patience, and wisdom to hear God speak.

If we could hear God speak, as we hear each other talk, then doing the will of God would only require obedience and not faith. However, because it is easy to miss God’s voice, then following that voice is an act of faith.

In John’s account of the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, is a verse that bears testimony to how God works in his people. After telling us of the Entry, John introduces a verse that talks about how their memories worked differently after Jesus was glorified. John recounts “His disciples did not understand these things at first; but when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered that these things were written about Him and that they had done these things to Him.” (John 12:16)

Later in the Gospel when Jesus was teaching the Disciples about the Holy Spirit, He explained that the Holy Spirit would teach them things and remind them of things. “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” (John 14:26)

God used, Scriptures, memories, and understanding to speak to the Disciples and He uses those same tools today. God speaks into our souls in this way. He brings Scriptures and ideas together in our minds. He brings things up in our memories and He gives us an incredible sense of peace when the world around us is raging.

Some people were seeking to move their pastor on, because he was standing between them and their goal of taking control of the Church. One morning he was becoming more and more agitated by their deceptive behavior. A little later he needed to do a twenty-minute drive. He began talking (audibly) to God as he pulled out from the driveway, after a few minutes God bought two verses of Scripture to his mind, the first was from Zechariah 13:7 ‘… strike the shepherd and scatter the sheep…’. The second was from Matthew 16:18, ‘… I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it…’. This was followed by an overwhelming sense of peace.

The embattled Pastor understood that God had both reassured and directed him at that moment. The Pastor saw that God was well aware of the schemes at hand, and the potential these people posed for destroying the work of a local Church. The Lord also wanted him to understand that the battle was His. God is jealous for His Church and He is very capable of bringing the plans of godless people to nothing.

The still small voice of God (1 Kings 19:12) is often heard in times where Scripture verses come to mind, in the remembrance of things, and at times when we understand things without having been taught by others.

God still speaks to His people, we only need to take the time to be still and have the faith to listen.


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Peter Lyne

Peter Lyne

Peter Lyne is the Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church Deception Bay. Peter publishes a Daily Post with the help of other mature Christians, with a focus on teaching Scriptural Truth. In an age where many Theologians and Church Leaders, develop their belief system and then seek to fit the Bible into the beliefs, Peter believes that the exact opposite should be done. Our beliefs should be soundly based in Scripture and we should measure human theories to how well they fit the Bible.

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