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Keep Yourselves Free From The Love Of Money By Gwen Akers

Hebrews 13:5 When a person is a slave there is little they can do to earn their own freedom. They are at the mercy of the one who enslaved them. This is not how it is when we become slaves to the love of money. It is in our power to set ourselves free.

We become slaves to money and what it buys …
When all our time and energies are focused on money-making, spending, or even saving it.
When we get our kicks and our satisfaction from material things.
When our homes are full of things we really do not need.
We do not share our possessions with others or give to those who have real needs.
When we are always wanting bigger and better.
When we have to keep up to the latest trends.

God’s Word teaches us that …
We cannot serve God if we serve (are slaves to) material things Matthew 6:24
We are not to love the world or anything that is in the world (this includes money) 1 John 2:5
We are told by Jesus not to store up treasures on earth. Matthew 6:19
The love of money is a source of evil. 1 Tim 6:10

You can be free from the enslaving love of money. Put God first in your life. Obey His command to love Him with all your heart. Use all your time and energy to serve Him. Set yourself free from the love of money. Money promises happiness but does not deliver. Money is here today and gone tomorrow. Love and serve God and you will find true happiness that cannot be taken from you.

If you love money you are serving it and there is little chance of you having a fruitful ministry.

Keep yourselves from the love of money.

Don’t allow it to control your life.


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Gwen Akers

Gwen Akers

Gwen is a Retired Missionary who served with her husband Rev Ray Akers in PNG and also served the Wesleyan Church in Australia.

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