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How To Show God You Love Him

Hebrews 6:9-13 Read these verses and take note of what the writer is teaching.

Works accompany salvation. They do not earn us our salvation but when we are saved we will want to do the works God has for us.

God has a good memory. He will not forget the things we do for others.

God judges fairly. Others may think the deeds we do are not worth anything, but not to God. He values and appreciates what we do.

When we help God’s people in any way we are actually showing God our love. We are saying to God, “Please accept this act of kindness I am doing for my brother /sister. It is my way of showing I really love you.”

When we do our acts of kindness as a love offering to God there will be no seeking praise or glory from others. We will not need to be thanked because God will thank us.

When we have opportunities to help our brother/sister and withhold that help we are saying, “God I don’t really want to show you, my love. You are not important to me.”

God desires that we be diligent in showing love to Him by helping others.

Don’t sit back and be lazy: keep on with this wonderful ministry. God will be blessed and others encouraged. The fruit of our lives will come in proportion to our love for God and that love flowing out to others.

Continue to help God’s people.


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Gwen Akers

Gwen Akers

Gwen is a Retired Missionary who served with her husband Rev Ray Akers in PNG and also served the Wesleyan Church in Australia.

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