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BE A BELIEVER By Ray And Gwen Akers

ROMANS 4:18 “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him.”
“This is utterly impossible!” You have probably come to this stage at some time in your life.
Circumstances press in so closely that you cannot see any solution to the situation in which you find yourself. Maybe your impossible situation involves a financial crisis; an unsaved loved one; a wayward child; an unemployment hassle, or a relationship that is just not working out.
There seems to be no answer to your problem. You have thought about it from every angle. You have tried all your human resources. You have even prayed about it until you just don’t know what more you can say to God. You have received all the trite comments about how it will all work out in the end. But now you are at the end and there is still no answer.
This is the point where you must make a choice. You can take the negative point of view that this really is impossible and will never work out.., the thinking which says that things will never change and that
God couldn’t work to make that happen in my life. This whole thing is just too mixed up for there ever to be a solution. It really is impossible if you allow these negative responses to invade your thinking you are probably right… the situation may well be impossible. But there is an alternative.
Abraham faced an impossible situation. He had been promised a son “through whom all the nations of the earth would be blessed.” He had waited and waited for God to fulfill His promise with no answer to
his prayer or solution to his problem. Now he was old, too old by his estimation to see the fulfillment of the promise. He wasn’t just old and weak. He was “as good as dead.” Your situation is not as bad as
that, is it?
Abraham, “against all hope, believed, and because of this became the father and many nations, just as it had been told to him. When the situation became physically impossible Abraham continued to believe
God. God is not bound to work to human timetables. He can intervene in the affairs of men as, and when, he sees fit. All that is required is an unwavering belief in the promises of God.
God has given you a promise for that impossible situation of yours. He has given His Word. You can choose to believe His Word, trusting Him to work out His will for your “end-of-the-world” problem. As you look back over your life you will undoubtedly see times when God has worked already to deal with, what seemed to be, at the time, an impossible situation. If He can do it there, why doubt that He will do it again? God wants us to be believers. He wants us to trust Him, even when life seems at its
blackest and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. That is when God works some of His most wonderful miracles. When all the odds are stacked against us; when the situation seems impossible; when there is no human hope of seeing our problems resolved- that is the time to believe “against all hope” and see what God will do.
Abraham believed God and became a blessing to many nations. Through him, all nations of the earth were blessed. His family line expanded and filled the whole area. What will happen in your home, in your neighborhood, in your church, across your city, because you believe God rather than give in to unbelief in the impossible circumstances of life?
Be like Abraham. BE A BELIEVER.
Ray and Gwen

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Ray & Gwen Akers

Ray & Gwen Akers

Rev Ray Akers and wife Gwen are Retired Missionaries who served in PNG and also served the Wesleyan Church in Australia as a Pastor.

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