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Every Church is Unique because it is made up of Unique People…

This is Who WE Are!

This Is Who We Are

An 'ordinary Church'

In many ways, we are an ‘Ordinary Church’.  That is something we value.  We do not imagine that we are the only Church, or the best Church in the World or the most spiritual. 

We are ordinary Christians, who have faith in an extraordinary God.  It’s God that makes our Church, or for that matter any Church special.

Our History

Cornerstone Christian Church has been in Deception Bay since 1948 when it was founded, it was known as Deception Bay Methodist Church.  

In 1977 The Methodist Church merged with much of the Presbyterian Church and the Congregational Church to form the Uniting Church.  

As there was no merger in the Bay Area, both Churches have remained to this day, with our Church maintaining much of its Methodist heritage and faith.  

We have been at our current site for about 30 years.

With much prayer and deliberation, we choose to step aside from referring to ourselves as a Uniting Church, in 2018.  

We found that we were out of step, with many issues the wider Church was pursuing.  

In particular, we choose not to accept the ruling of the National Assembly that allowed for Same-Gender Marriage.  In taking this stand, we have aligned ourselves with the Assembly of Confessing Congregations of the Uniting Church.  

This is a group of Churches spread across Australia, which are seeking to call the wider Church back to a straight forward and traditionally ‘Protestant’ view of Scripture and Doctrine, consistent with our heritage.
Although we are standing apart from certain decisions of our National Leadership, we are very much holding to the Documents of our Church, with the Bible as being central and of the utmost authority.  

We also hold to the Apostles and Nicene Creed along with the Westminster Confession of Faith and Methodist Articles.  

This is a wordy way of saying we tick every box you would expect and hope that a Christian Church would.  

Confessing Congregations of the Uniting Church

who we are

The 'List'

1. Scripture

We believe that the 66 Books that comprise the Old and New Testament are the complete Scriptures, inspired by God and are authoritative.

2. God

We believe that there is One God, who exists as three unique persons, being, God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3. Creation

We believe that God is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

4. Gender

We believe that God created people as male and female.

5. Marriage

We believe that marriage is a life long covenant between a man and a woman.

I could go on and list many such points, that would be shared by most Christian Churches. 

If you need to read on, check out the ‘Articles of Faith of the Wesleyan Church’.  It is a three thousand word statement of Methodist Doctrine. 

How We Operate

As ordinary everyday people, who trust in Jesus Christ, we don’t always get it right, so we know that we need to exercise grace in dealing with each other.  While we seek excellence, we recognise that we don’t always achieve it. 
So while we love to worship God, it is a group effort and not a professional concert.  
We love to encourage each other and we especially love to have our young people joining in with us, as they are developing their talents.
We are also a giving Church.  We share the blessings that God has given us, by blessing others.  We do this in many ways.
As a Church, we support Overseas Missions, through groups such as Open Doors, Pioneers and Uniting World.  We believe that our prayer and generosity are important. 

Helping Hands Ministry

Helping Hands is a group from our Church which makes and distributes quilts and other sewn crafts to people in need.  Usually, these products are given to Hospitals and other Charities where they are then given to people who need them.  Recent items have included ‘Wrap quilts’ for children in hospital with Cancer.  ‘Cuddle blankets’ for stillborn Children and also ‘Dignity Quilts’ to place on those who have died, while they are still in hospital and the family is with them. Outside of Hospital, we have done ‘Honour Quilts’ for returned Servicemen. And Also many products for use with children in Foster Care.
Living With Dignity is also a sewing Group that makes items for Aged care and Autistic Children.  These products are sold at cost, which is a huge help to both the Elderly and Families with high care Children.  
Giving from the Heart is another Sewing Group, that has recently joined in with us, through their connection with Helping Hands.  They have similar goals and projects to Helping Hands, with a different circle of contact.
Bike Ministry

Bike Ministries


Our Bike Ministry has partnered with the Deception Bay High School and takes a group each term to teach basic Bike care and maintenance. 

Students get to keep the bike they worked on.  

We value our relationship with the High School and host their Futures Program as well as having their Horticulture Program use our Property as a Class Room.
As a Church, we support Overseas Missions, through groups such as Open Doors, Pioneers and Uniting World.  

We believe that our prayer and generosity are important.